About Us

Vinamex SPRL. started their activities in 2015 and accomplished a permanent growth.

1. Food packaging products and solutions.

We offer the most complete range of food - focused products with the best price-quality ratio.The range of Werti-Packaging has more than 1000 different items. Bags, plastic containers, drinking cups, paper goods, aluminium containers, biodegradable goods … are the most common packaging materials.

The efficient purchasing policy includes taking into account the seasonal needs and current trends.

2. Party decoration.

Vinamex makes you celebrating a special event even more fun! We do this with an extensive range of great products for decorating a party, wrapping gifts or being creative.

Every party site can have attractive decorations with the party products. With streamers, flag lines, balloons, and lanterns, you can turn every location into a party site. Are you looking for an extensive party line, including plates, cups and a tablecloth in the same theme? If so, it’s good to know that Vinamex offers a complete product range, including the display with themes such as childbirth, wedding or popular children’s lines.

3. Organized items

Our Stationery assortment exists of office labels and fun labels with many famous characters under license. Easy to combine with our party and hobby items. We also provide necessary goods which are extremely useful for either your office place or your home.